Posted by: kathandroger | June 30, 2013

Un weekend sportif

Wimbledon, Grand Prix, Diamond League, Tour de France, Lions tour….? Actually, we’ve had a bit of a sporting weekend ourselves!

Having not done a triathlon for 6 years and not run for 4, it was perhaps a little foolhardy to decide to do the local Nouatre Triathlon. I sent in my application a few weeks ago, but was disappointed to hear that I was too late and it was already full; I was on the waiting list, but probably had no chance. Undeterred, I decided to go along anyway yesterday morning and see if someone didn’t turn up. I waited for the queues to die down for registration (365 participants!) and asked politely if there were any spaced. ‘Yes, there’s one space left’ replied the lady, who pulled out my application from the ‘en attente’ folder. Thumbs up to Roger. She looked through my form and medical certificate… ‘ah non, il y a un probleme’, she added. My doctor had written on my medical certificate that I was fit to do triathlons. Unfortunately he hadn’t added ‘en competition’ and that made my certificate invalid. But you only do triathlons in competition, I argued, but to no avail. Thumbs down to Roger. At this point it looked as though I was going to have to wait until next year after all. We asked to see the competition referee, who looked at the certificate and gave a Gallic shrug. ‘I’m a doctor’ volunteered Roger (en francais, bien sur), and proceeded to write on my certificate the missing words ‘en competition’, sign it and write lots of letters after his name. ‘Tres bien, c’est OK’…and I was in! And Roger could have been a bus driver for all she knew or cared!

So having quickly donned my wet suit and parked my bike in the bike park I was off on the bus down the river to the start of the swim. Now it has rained and rained this spring and the river was very high and very muddy – not that pleasant – but with the current the swim didn’t last long! Next onto the bike and a lovely 19 km, followed by a 5km run which given the total absence of training was better than expected. All in all a pleasant morning out. 181st out of 365 and the 3rd lady vet.

Next, the cycling club annual picnic, which is preceded by a 90 km cycle. Today it was around the Chinon area, and despite the 8am departure from Chinon, it was a beautiful day. A gentle meander through the countryside of the Vienne and Loire Valleys, past chateaux and vineyards, through orchards and flower edged fields of wheat and sunflowers… And fortunately the legs only hurt when I stopped cycling and got off my bike. Back to Chinon and the real endurance test began – lunch! When we arrived all the tables and chairs were laid out under a large tree and the aperitifs already on the table… A local restaurant had supplied the 4 course picnic, supplemented by various bits people brought with them. Just before 5 we said our goodbyes and headed home. ‘The eating was more tiring than the cycling’ commented Roger on the way home….



  1. I don’t understand all is write , but I know you are realy an exceptionnal woman. I see it was the “parcours du combattant” for can do the triathlon de Nouâtre. But you are Voluntary and definite. And you make a success off all things you do. Congratulations. Amicalement. Lady Di

  2. All in all a pleasant morning out.
    Halfway up the field… 3rd lady veteran…
    Bloody well done Kath!
    Just the thought of the effort makes me cringe…
    but the lunch…
    now that sort of triathlon I would have a bash at…
    but NOT a 90K pedal first…
    and certainly not 8AM.start!!
    At 8AM today I was wandering around the potager…
    with a fresh brewed mug of Taylor’s Yorkshire Best…
    planning the day’s work!

  3. Bloody hell, Kath!

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