Posted by: kathandroger | June 27, 2013

Glorious garlic

The upside of the extraordinary amount of rain we’ve had this year is that certain things in the garden have really flourished. The roses have been magnificent, the geraniums are looking fab and in the potager the broad beans and peas are the best we’ve ever had. The same can be said about the garlic which we’ve just harvested this week. Here is Roger posing with his excellent crop…












  1. Further to liking this…
    Pauline lifted our garlic today…
    it had gone all tired and most was lying down!!

    She pronounced that it was a mighty fine crop…
    lots of LARGE cloves!
    And these were from a couple of heads of Germidor from last year that she had put aside.
    and you’ll know why I mention this…
    she sowed a whole batch of seeds this afternoon!!

  2. you look like Bacchus

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