Posted by: kathandroger | June 17, 2013


If nothing else our neighbour has kept us entertained since we arrived. Not always in a good way, but entertained nonetheless. Francis moved into his house shortly before we moved into ours and at the time his property resembled any other. Then bit by bit he relocated about 30 battered old cars to the barn over the road. ‘Voitures de collection’ he told everyone; in reality more like ‘voitures de scrapyard’! Indeed he was a serious hoarder – of everything you could possibly imagine – and all his barns, sheds and attics are rammed full of mainly rubbish. I am using the past tense as Francis passed away on Friday evening leaving his accumulated possessions to be sorted out by others, and leaving behind 3 dogs, 5 cats and approximately 10 chickens. He was a troubled soul at the end and it is a sad way for a life to end at the age of just 55. Francis was always pleasant, waved, said hello and for that he will be missed. Here he is in happier times (he’s in the middle)…











RIP Francis.

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