Posted by: kathandroger | June 11, 2013

Swimming pool luxury!

A couple of weeks back I wrote about our poor guests shivering in the pool at 17 degrees. Well, no more cold swimming pools for us! We (the royal we of course) have finally taken the plunge and installed a heat pump, to give the water temperature a little boost when the sun isn’t able to warm it up. We (actually me on this occasion) bought it online and Roger was determined to fit it himself…










When we did our barn conversion work our primary learning tool was YouTube, so it was time for him to watch little videos of people fitting heat pumps. Also when the ol’ fella is constructing something the kitchen table is littered with little bits of paper with sketches and plans. I’ve just been allowed to put them in the bin. Anyway, all his endeavours have paid off; we have a pool that is permanently at a minimum of 27 degrees – just perfect for little dip at the end of the day!



  1. Think you need a haircut roger !!!!

    kind regards mark thompson

  2. Little bits of paper covered with sketches and plans…
    you sound just like me Roger…
    but I hide them from Pauline…
    in case they meet Filing Cabinet 13 before completion…
    currently modifying the rake plans to fit the front of the tractor…
    not Béte C [the BCS740]…
    but then again…
    can I make it so that it will work with either????
    Where’s that pencil…

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