Posted by: kathandroger | June 6, 2013

L’ete – enfin!

It has been a long time in coming, but finally it feels like proper summer has arrived. Today has been glorious; 27 degrees in the shade – and 27 degrees in the pool now, thanks to our recently installed heat pump. Sitting out for breakfast lunch and dinner – that’s what life is all about!

Our roses are appreciating the sunshine too. All are now virtually in full bloom and the courtyard is looking at its absolute best. In particular the climbing rose we planted just 4 years ago when we arrived is wonderful…










It’s not quite fully out yet, but stunning nonetheless. It is hard to believe that just four years ago it was about 50 cm high and twig like – and it is not even in decent soil! The only pity is that it only flowers once, lasts a couple of weeks and that is it for the year – we we’ll have to make the most of it now!


  1. What a stunning rose, which variety is it?

    • It is stunning. Only slight prob is that it only flowers once a year. The variety is ‘Hymalayan Musk’ – it was a David Austen rose – very prolific.

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