Posted by: kathandroger | May 31, 2013

Lizards, Monkeys and Ladies.

IMG_2199The weather has been rubbish recently, but as in all things there are compensations. This year has been the best for orchids since we have been here. I am no botanist but love all the wild things here, even the wife. Talking of which, we went on a lovely bikeride on Sunday, and up a particularly steep hill. The Trouble and Strife put her head down and went like the wind, leaving me trailing hopelessly in her wake. At  the summit I congratulated her on such a splendid effort and asked if she had noticed all the lovely wild orchids on the bank. No chance. But she had missed the biggest display of monkey orchids I have ever seen.

We are particularly well off for the “manekin” orchids, the ones which resemble human figures. There are lots of Lady orchids, some Military orchids and even Monkeys. No Man orchids yet, but as expected they are less attractive and colourful. The Lizard, Bee and Butterfly specimens are just coming out together with the Hellibores.  What a lovely place to live. IMG_2197IMG_2196


  1. What the husband has failed to mention is that it was the wife that found all these beautiful orchids in the corner of an overgrown field….

  2. It has indeed been an excellent year for orchids. They have responded to the wet spring. The local botany club I belong to notes that orchid numbers have slowly been declining over the last decade, probably as a result of a series of dry springs. There are some really beautiful Man Orchids flowering at the moment between Chaumussay and Chambon, btw.

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