Posted by: kathandroger | May 27, 2013

First dip of the year

The weather so far this year has been quite frankly rubbish. We moved here exactly four years ago and it was baking hot when we arrived and every year since then we have long since discarded our winter clothes and turned off the heating. The past few mornings the temperature has been 3 or 4 degrees! Whilst we’ve had a couple of nice days, it is hardly weather befitting of late May. A few days ago Evelyne on the tele promised that summer would start on the 1st June; a few days later she seems to have changed her tune.

Because of the cold we haven’t spent too much time worrying about the pool, assuming no-one would be interested in swimming. How wrong we were! Our valiant British guests were not to be put off by a water temperature of 17 degrees!!






They did turn blue and couldn’t stop shivering for several hours, but it was good to see such ‘British spirit’. No way the cheese-eating surrender monkeys would ever manage to do such a thing!!

As for me, well not a chance I’m afraid! It has to be at least 26 degrees in the water before I get anywhere near. Good job Roger has almost plumbed in the heat pump…


  1. oh for God’s sake Roger get you pump in , we are coming soon and want it warm .xx

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