Posted by: kathandroger | May 21, 2013

Francis’s in France.

We have made lots of friends in France, and many of the chaps are called Francis. Not surprising really, but it causes all sorts of difficulty when we discuss  them. To overcome the problem each Francis has a different description by using a special first name.

Fast Francis is one of our cycling mates. As the name implies he is rapid on his bike although his status has been threatened recently by a major operative assault on his varicose veins. The bulging varicosities have gone but so have lots of his muscles; no doubt they will return with his convalescence. Next is Fairly Fast Francis, who last week must have been on something as he went up the hills like a rocket. Fairly Fast and Fast are now frequently fairly close together.

Our lovely Friendly Farmer Francis is the man who helps us with the sheep and goats. Poor man has a nasty muscle illness and has had to give up on his farming but remains friendly and always willing to give us advice.

Lastly, and leastly, our lazy neighbour is also a Francis. He used to be called Faineant (idle) Francis, but we were arguing a few days ago about the meaning of the word feckless. Having looked it up in the dictionary he is now Feckless Francis.

We must face the facts: the Francis’s in France are far from few.

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