Posted by: kathandroger | May 19, 2013

Le Pigeonnier

We’ve spent today at the opening of a ‘pigeonnier’! Our friends, Michelle and Gerard live in a village called St Flovier and a couple of years ago heard that a beautiful little building in the village was going to be demolished to make way for a new medical centre. Now Gerard loves a project, so made and offer and bought it. Sadly we don’t have any photos (forgot camera), but this thing is about 4 metres high and 5 metres wide and made of stone. No problem for our Gerard (who it must be pointed out is the wrong side of 70). He numbered each piece of stone, each timber and anything else and transported them bit by bit to his garden. Over the next couple of years he, with some help from Michelle, has painstakingly restored the beautiful little building to its former glory (actually probably better than its former glory!).

Now clearly that was something to celebrate. So today (in the rain) the mayor and the local ‘conseil general’ member came to cut tricolor ribbons and make speeches. The press snapped away for the local papers and the hundred or so invitees clapped and congratulated. Then to the dry sanctuary of a marquee for aperitifs. After about an hour or so, those not invited for lunch drifted off and the serious stuff got underway. By 6.30 pm lunch was finished!

For the occasion Gerard had put 3 plastic pigeons on the roof; in reality he is adamant no pigeons will be living in his pigeonnier…they make too much of a mess!!

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