Posted by: kathandroger | May 16, 2013

More gardening capers

We checked with our cycling friends on the ride yesterday whether we were safe to plant our tomatoes. Frost risk gone? Moon conditions favourable? ‘Ah oui’, they all said, and indeed most had planted theirs in the last few days. We got caught out with late frost a couple of years ago, so didn’t want to fall into that trap again. So once we’d re-fueled after our 90 km trip around the Poitou countryside, we set to planting out everything we’ve been nurturing for the past few months. Here are the courgettes (green, yellow and round) and aubergines..









As usual we awoke to the radio weather forecast. Frost in the north west, 2 degrees at Poitiers. What?! Surely it can’t be true. A hurried trip to the garden provided relief – everything still in tact!

Another lesson we have learned from past years is not to skimp on the supports for the tomatoes. We tend to grow whopping great ‘coeur de boeuf’ tomatoes, so each plant is carrying several kilos of tomatoes. I just wonder if this year Roger has slightly overdone things…










I reckon these would support a small house, let along a little tomato plant!!

The toms may be some way off producing fruit, but the first broad beans may be ready in the next week …









It really is a fabulous time of year with the countryside suddenly bursting with colour. Our wisteria is just about at its best – what a treat when we open our kitchen door!


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