Posted by: kathandroger | May 8, 2013

Clever cat…

Dennis doesn’t say much (nothing, in fact), but he’s a clever little chap. He’s a very talented footballer, capable of dribbling anything around the kitchen – until Boudie spots him and eats whatever he was dribbling. He’s also pretty greedy (as is his canine chum), so I have had to put the dog biscuits away in  cupboard so he can’t help himself. The other day we were alerted to the fact that something was afoot by Boudie barking frantically. When I arrived, there was Dennis, happily installed in the cupboard (having opened the door) chomping away at the biscuits. I’ll fettle him, I thought – I stood the clothes horse up against the door. Shortly afterwards, chief sneak was barking again. Sure enough, he’d managed to remove the clothes horse and was enjoying a feast. The interesting thing is that Boudie could easily have knocked him out of the way and tucked in herself, but preferred to spill the beans. Does she have some sense of right and wrong? or does she just want to ensure Dennis can’t have her biscuits?!

Here is the clever one settling in to one of car seats we’d got out of the barn for the vide-grenier…



  1. He’s turned into a really handsome cat. Must be the fine diet!

  2. Wot no cat tag?

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