Posted by: kathandroger | May 5, 2013

Vide-grenier virgins

‘Vide-greniers’ are a national hobby in France. Literally ’empty attics’, they are a bit like a car boot sale, but much more serious. There’s one pretty much every weekend somewhere nearby and for some people it is their main weekend past-time. We’ve wandered around one or two and never really found too much of interest; apparently the real keenies are there at the crack of dawn and by 9am, when most people start arriving, all the best things are gone.

We have finally got to sorting out the things we’d stored away for a rainy day when we moved over here and not surprisingly found we had quite a few bits and bobs we were never likely to use again. And today was our village’s big vide-grenier day, so what better than to join in the fun. I suddenly thought yesterday that it might be an idea to get some change, as we were selling things for small amounts. Naturally (for me) I went to the bank, only to be informed that they don’t have any money at the bank. ‘Oh dear’ I said, ‘where do you think I might get some?’. I was directed to the post office, where I repeated my request. ‘Are you a customer?’ the chap behind the counter asked. I tried to make my case, ie I came regularly, sent parcels, bought stamps, occasionally bought other things, but this didn’t seem to qualify as a customer. I needed an account to be classified as a customer. I asked for a stamp and the change in coins and my unfriendly customer service chap grudgingly obliged.

So to the big day; Roger and I arrived just after 7.30 am – we were the last. Everyone else had already set up shop and was ready to sell, and the first buyers were doing the rounds. We quickly got offloaded and laid out our wares, and within seconds (I’m not exaggerating) we had made our first sale. Within 10 minutes we’d taken 100 Euros on 5 items (probably under-priced)…







After the initial rush (and the departure of our ‘big ticket’ items), things slowed to a few Euros an hour. And Boudie was starting to wonder what was going on…









I can’t say it was the most exciting day I’ve ever had, but it was extremely sociable as friends from far and wide turned out, helped by good weather. As midday approached and the crowds diminished, the bottles of aperitifs came out – and then we managed to get ourselves invited to lunch…










…all most enjoyable and certainly the highlight of the day. All in all we sold a good amount of our wares, made a few bob, ate and drank well and met a lot of friends, so not at all a bad day. Would I do it again? Certainly not before next year…



  1. How much for the dog?

  2. Sorry, she’s not in the window….

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