Posted by: kathandroger | May 4, 2013


Now that the weather has finally got its act together the countryside is changing almost daily. The yellow fields of rape are at their best, the wheat developing nicely and the maize is just coming up. The weeds are doing pretty well too! And let’s not talk about the grass, which needs cutting twice a week at the moment…

One of our cycling friends is an organic arable farmer and as we were trundling around the lanes the other day we were talking to him about the differences in the fields…


Both of the above are wheat fields – the first is treated with chemicals, the second is organic, or ‘bio’ in french. The difference is quite stark as the fields are on opposite sides of the road just round the corner from our house. The white bits in the bio field are dandelion heads (a couple of weeks ago it was all yellow). According to our friends Louis all the dandelions are not a problem for the crop. If there is no negative impact from the weeds it does beg the question why the farmer of the ‘non bio’ field ¬†spends so much time and money treating his crops??

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