Posted by: kathandroger | April 26, 2013

Smells like summer?

It has been a lovely weather week this week. A gentle start to the week, then a couple of cracking days of blue skies and mid 20 temperatures. The shorts and sandals are out and the sun cream has been in order. The heat got a bit much for the ol’ fella – I found him napping in the hammock….










What a difference a week of good weather makes. The fruit trees have blossomed and are now coming into leaf (we do have apricots, despite our fears), we have little figs developing already and the garden is finally coming to life. Our broad beans are well in flower, the garlic and shallots look good and the peas – despite a couple of false starts (due to being eaten by mice) are coming on fine.

We have a wonderful tree in our courtyard which has the most beautiful flowers in the spring. We think it is a malus; whatever it is, it is at its absolute best right now.












The only problem is…this afternoon it has dropped 10 degrees and started to rain!!! Zut alors…

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