Posted by: kathandroger | April 12, 2013

Weather woes!

What a dreadful week of weather we’ve had! Evelyne on the tele has been telling us for a week that this Sunday is going to be glorious – hot, cloudless skies over the entire country. Hmm, difficult to believe. I’m wondering if that is really going to happen or whether it has just been a little incentive to help the French nation get through the week. All people are talking about is the rain – I think it is genuinely getting everyone down! Yesterday Roger rushed in to tell us that there was a river running down the road outside our house…








The fields are completely sodden, all the ditches are overflowing and the nearby reservoir is higher than it has been in many years. Let’s just hope you don’t let us down on Sunday Evelyne….


  1. Roger… call that a river!?!
    We had ducks SWIMMING in the middle of the meadow this morning……

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