Posted by: kathandroger | April 9, 2013


Roger keeps disappearing off to his workshop and making noise. Nothing new then really! From time to time he rushes back to the house to consult our chicken book, then back to the workshop. He’s been planning his latest project for a while: a chicken sculpture out of metal to go in the courtyard. For a few weeks he was building a prototype out of cardboard. At one stage I thought of offering him my Blue Peter annual (1972), but then thought better of it. I have to confess the cardboard prototype didn’t look too much like a chicken, so it was with some trepidation that I opened the workshop door yesterday…



Like many of the things Roger makes, it is made out of waste bits and bobs – so cheap to make. Except that the metal is very thick and he seems to burn through cutting discs as thought they were made of butter! Not sure how much he’s spent in discs – he won’t tell me – but he did confess to a friend the other day who seemed somewhat amused. And he went to get some more today…!

Meanwhile, as to the real chickens. The weather continues to be poor – wet and windy. Here are the girls taking refuge by the newly refurbished ‘accueil’…



  1. happy birthday for yesterday Rog ! loving the look of that chicken sculpture !! from Kate ( Hall !) x

  2. Your for girls are ready to got to “accueil” at the begenning !

  3. Congratulations for your very nice boy. The girls will be very happy. I think they wait it at “accueil” !

    • I hope the girls aren’t too scared!

  4. Obviously need to wish you a belated Hippo-birdy [having read the above comment.

    Iron Chicken… you’ll be making a Soup Dragon next!! [Whistles like a Clanger!!]

    • I’d better get knitting then…

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