Posted by: kathandroger | April 7, 2013

Let the season begin…

Our 2013 season is off and running! The weather has picked up marginally, but it is still disappointing for April.

One of our little projects this winter has been to create a table tennis and boules area – well the t-t part is now complete. We put the table together today and it has already been in use…









We did think about a competition, but given the standard of our guests, we might just get a bit of practice in first!

News on the animals: Bob the chicken seems to have made a full recovery; Donkey the ugly lamb is growing into a strapping young sheep…though still a bit facially challenged!


  1. Chipper’s working I see… looks nice.
    How heavy was the geotextile you put underneath?
    Plough was winnerful…
    cut an hour off the work…
    was less tiring and…
    it has that wonderful little peg at the back I could put my foot on…
    so I got a fair bit deeper, too.

    • Chipper is great, but you were right that it takes lots of wood to make enough chips! The textile is woven plastic sheet, bought very cheaply at Bricomarche, and I have used it several times before under gravel with good success. I will show you some when I bring the chipper back in the next few days. Please hang onto the plough(not literally!) if you want to, I doubt if I will need it this year.

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