Posted by: kathandroger | April 3, 2013

Lambing woes

When I popped up to the field around tea time yesterday, our ewe Rosemary looked to me as though she was in labour. My medical husband went to give the informed view – ‘no, I don’t think so…’. Just on the off chance I popped up around 8.30 and to my enormous surprise there was the tiniest of lambs being licked by its mother. A second boy – a little cousin for the now named ‘donkey’ (due to his looks). Mother and lamb seemed to be doing well and he was trying to get to his feet on his skinny rubber legs.

This lambing game is easy, we thought. We left her to it last night, then went to check on progress this morning. No lamb. The mother was there, tucking enthusiastically into her breakfast grass. Donkey was there too, looking bright, if ugly, but no little one. I walked round and round, but nothing to be seen. I assume she left him and an animal or bird took him off… I now wish I’d gone out again later last night to check mother and lamb were both together, but there’s no point crying over spilled milk. I have to say, however, that Roger, Boudie and I are more upset than the mother who seems to have forgotten already that she gave birth just 14 hours ago!

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