Posted by: kathandroger | March 31, 2013

The local Strippers.

Over the winter our quiet life has been invaded by a troupe of strippers. Not of the better known variety, but less costly to maintain and still attractive in their own bestial fashion. I knew that goats have a reputation for stripping bark, but the sheep must have learned from them and now all the animals do it!

They have lots to eat in the field, and have supplementary  hay and hard food each day, but it makes no difference. I read that there are lots of minerals in the phloem, just under the bark, which takes nutrients up the tree and the animals are after this, but surely the sap is down in winter, so maybe there is another reason. The damage to these young acacias is no problem, as any dead trees will be used for poles in the garden, but they have also had a good go at one apple tree, which I don’t think will recover. So no free apples for you lot next year!

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