Posted by: kathandroger | March 30, 2013

Easter lamb

Roger returned from feeding the sheep and goats yesterday afternoon in a state of great excitement. ‘We’re lambing’ he exclaimed! The news was all the more exciting as we didn’t think either of our ewes was pregnant! Given Roger’s medical background, I felt I should probe for a bit more information. ‘What stage is she at?’ I asked. ‘Well I can see something hanging out of her rear end’, came the reply. We didn’t want to disturb her too much, but also wanted to make sure all was well, so we popped up to see her at 2 hourly intervals. Then at 9 pm there he was – a little scrawny, grubby thing, not moving but breathing at least. Mother seemed very nonchalant about the whole affair! It wasn’t the greatest night to be born into the world – cold and wet – but he has survived the night and here he is this morning, 12 hours old…










He’s not a looker I’m afraid, but then his mother is no oil painting. Here’s the proud family:










(left to right) Back row: Una (mother), Rosemary (auntie), Hercules (proud dad) Front row: lamb (unnamed, as he will probably be for the table!)

ps for anyone waiting for news about Bob the chicken, she is still alive, but not right. We now don’t think she is egg bound, but have no idea what is wrong with her.


  1. He’s got his mother’s nose!
    As for a name be realsistic…
    call him Gigot-lo…
    or Wooly Côte…

    And the expression on his face in the first picture says…
    “I think it was warmer inside!”

    • Poor little mite has been shivering all day – definitely a mistake to come out now! Quite like Gigot-lo!

  2. trop mignon !pas question de le transformer en gigot quand même ! lol

  3. c’est vraiment l’agneau pascal, quel nom porte-t-il ?
    Bienvenue à la Bellardière pour ce nouvel arrivant.

    • Si on va le manger (!) je prefere de ne pas le nommer….

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