Posted by: kathandroger | March 28, 2013

Egg bound Bob

Poor Bob has been feeling sorry for herself for a couple of days now…










She’s been eating and drinking normally and looks well, but stands around all day twitching her rear end. Having done a bit of research we think the most likely cause is that she is egg bound. Sadly, unless the egg can be passed, this is usually a fatal condition. In fact one website helpfully suggested that if your chicken gets egg bound you may as well sacrifice her for the pot! I don’t think we could eat our Bob.

Anyway, we tried holding her over a bowl of steaming water (apparently helps to relax the muscles), and lubricating her back passage (Roger’s job), but to no avail. In one forum we read how someone had bathed their chicken in a bowl of warm water for 20 minutes, so this morning we thought we’d give it a go…












Boudie and Dennis were intrigued and Bob really seemed to quite like it. In fact she looked so comfortable that we gave her an extra 10 minutes. Dennis has the attention span of a goldfish so soon got bored and wandered off, but Boudie sat with Bob for the whole time!









However despite her treatment I’m afraid there is no change and no egg to date. We’ve got our fingers crossed that she pulls through…


  1. Sorry to hear about Bob. But, honestly, what do you expect, calling a chicken, Bob!

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