Posted by: kathandroger | March 23, 2013

Strange sounds

I was working away in our new greenhouse this morning when I heard the most terrible noise. A chicken/cockerel was skwarking for all it was worth, clearly in flight. Next came the chicken equivalent of an anguished scream, then…silence. I quickly ran round to check on our girls, who fortunately were all present and correct. Then we noticed that the neighbour’s dog was out of its usual enclosure and no doubt just about to tuck into a nice bit of freshly killed chicken!

Shortly afterwards a shriek came from outside our house. Oh not again, I thought! More cries and strange noises ensued, followed by the appearance of the ol’ fella, looking most excited. Hirondelle, hirondelle! Did you see it? Now Roger gets very excited about his birds (!!) and the sight of the first swallow of the year was almost too much for him.

I’d not been back to the tranquility of the greenhouse for more than 10 minutes when there was yet more commotion. “He’s back, he’s back” squealed the ol’ fella, almost unable to contain his excitement. This time it was the black redstart who’d turned up after his summer break. Of course Roger recounted all of this to our cycling friends this afternoon on our ride, only to learn that someone had heard the cuckoo too. I did walk up to the wood with Boudie this evening to see if ours was here, but I guess he’s been a bit delayed on his long trip. Maybe tomorrow…


  1. There is a whole new world you are missing out on Kath. Den x

  2. attention, une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps…la preuve !

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