Posted by: kathandroger | March 20, 2013

Old machinery, new furniture.

When we converted the old barns into gites, we had to remove lots of old bits and pieces which had been used on the farm. I had always intended to replace whatever we could, both because I like old bits and pieces and because I think it adds some authenticity to the project. But a living area would look a bit strange with a sawbench and pulley system in it! So what to do with the old machinery? Why, make some furniture of course!

The big barn had a huge three phase electric motor which, by means of a flat belt drive, powered an overhead line shaft which in turn powered the sawbench and, I think, some threshing machinery. It was a bugger to get all the old kit down, as it weighed a ton, but was beautifully made with lots of roller bearings and greasy bits, and the round wooden pulley blocks, once all the muck was removed (by power hosing), were, like the missus, in lovely condition. After lots of sawing, welding, cussing and varnishing we now have a corner light and a coat hanger. The sawbench is now my work table in the atelier, and the very heavy cutting blade now sits above the new lounge. What a lot of fun I have had!IMG_2119IMG_2121


  1. They look fabulous! You have a really good eye for design, and they look sturdy and well made. What a nice idea for sympathetically reusing the machinery and acknowledging the past.

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