Posted by: kathandroger | March 18, 2013

Who named it?

Spring in belatedly showing its colours. We are having a mainly blue week, with violets, periwinkle and my favourite, the lungwort. Now I am in no way a botanist, but flowers do fascinate me, especially those with interesting stories attached to them. Pulmonaria as it is more properly known, is a member of the borage family and has long had a reputation as a healing plant, used, as the name suggests, for lung problems. This is because the leaves have a mottled appearance which are said to resemble diseased lungs, presumably tuberculous. From the theory of “sympathetic magic” plants which is some way resemble disease were believed to be of use in their cure.IMG_0091

We know that is cobblers, but what I want to know, is who first noticed tuberculous lungs (and who was the amateur pathologist who did the post mortem,and chopped the lungs out) and thought they looked like the leaves of this lovely little plant? There’s nowt as strange as folk.


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