Posted by: kathandroger | March 13, 2013

Scary drivers

The french have some very good ideas and ways of doing things, but occasionally we come across something that is totally barmy. We’d not been in France long when we were chatting with someone about the number of little 2 seater cars there are here which seem to go extremely slowly. Ah, came the answer, they are the ‘voitures sans permis’. In other words a car for which no driving licence, hence no driver training or knowledge of the laws of the roads is required. What? we replied, incredulous.

Today we were just heading out for our club cycle ride when one of these vehicles pulled up. An old chap got out and I’m pretty sure he only had one arm…and only just managed to extricate himself from his vehicle. The cars are 2 seaters and limited to a maximum speed of 45km/hour. But you can still cause quite an accident at that speed – especially if you are incapable of driving!! Apparently the same thing goes on in Italy. Is this just me or is this total madness?!


  1. I think it is wonderful…
    it makes everyone that bit more careful!
    Mind you…
    we have drivers here, in normal cars, who drive just as slowly…
    often in the middle of the road…
    reluctant to pull across if you come toward them…
    and often at around 3PM and thereafter….

  2. We call them lawn mower cars and we have a friend who calls them sewing machines! Entirely a menace on the road, whatever !
    Have a great birthday, Kath !

  3. Definitely total madness. Just one more completely daft thing about France that makes us love it so much !!

  4. Fortunately they are completely uncool, so the young scooter riders don’t take them up. Unfortunately, if you see a well dressed middle aged man driving one, you know that he has had his licence taken away for drink driving. As a means for oldies of limited means to get around in rural areas I think they are great (and I quite fancy one myself…although I’d rather have a Renault 4CV Sport…) I come from a place where the old and infirm are allowed to continue driving (with some restrictions) until they keel over or go completely blind. In isolated rural areas it’s a necessity, especially when family moves away. I was quite startled when our orchard neighbour expressed his admiration that I had a proper drivers licence though. He drives a sans permis, but it had never occurred to me that he had always done so and has never had a drivers licence. I don’t see that they are any more of a hazard on the road than some of the farm machinery. I’m more worried to meet a rear wheel steered harvester wobbling its barely controlled way along a rural road.

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