Posted by: kathandroger | March 9, 2013

Garden endeavours

There has been a definite change in the weather this week; the past couple of afternoons we’ve had a positively balmy 17 degrees with warming spring sunshine. The daffs are all out and the first blossom has appeared…











…the problem is that frost is forecast again for most mornings next week. This is blossom from one of our apricot trees, always the first to flower. As soon as the frost gets the flowers next week that will be it – for another year – for the apricot crop. In fact only once (the first year we were here) have we managed to get a decent apricot crop. Let’s hope the weather sorts itself out soon and it doesn’t ruin the rest of the fruit as happened last year…

Also in the garden, I’m delighted to say that the greenhouse is now erect and complete. I also have to say that it was the fiddliest, most awkward thing with the worst instructions that I have ever put up. There must be a factory of Chinese somewhere giggling each day at the thought of hoards of hapless Europeans  struggling with bits of plastic and metal. If we hadn’t gone to Bricomarche on Thursday to have a look at their greenhouses I reckon we’d still be working out how to fit the window now!!










As you can tell, Roger didn’t enjoy it much either!

Anyway, he is currently in the process of transforming a couple of old pallets into staging and then we’ll be off and running with tomatoes, courgettes, squash, chillis and the like. Already we’ve got little plants and seedlings all over the house, so I’ll be pleased to be able to move them outdoors…once the frosts are out of the way!


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