Posted by: kathandroger | March 5, 2013

Beauty and the Beast.

Spring is here! The daffodils and crocuses are in full glory and yesterday it was 17 degrees in the shade. What a lovely day, full sun, no wind and all around the promise of nature’s beauty to come.

Our day was mixed. We had decided to erect the cheap greenhouse we bought at knockdown price in the autumn. I’m not sure about the knockdown bit, it should have been destroyed! Made in China, no doubt by smaller and more dextrous hands than ours, it has so far taken us over two hours just to fix the end panels. The plans are difficult to read, the photos poor, and although each of the multiple parts is numbered, fitting plastic rods inside metal grooves is too difficult for our great big Caucasian mitts. Much cussing yet again, and the task still to be attacked again today. We’ll fix this beast one way or another.


But every day has its compensations. I saw another Brimstone and then a lovely Peacock butterfly in the afternoon, and the birds were singing their celebration of Spring. Then there was another sound from above. The whole sky seemed to fill with a soft burbling sound moving slowly from the south west to north east. The only comparable noise I have heard before is during the goose migration in Norfolk, but this sound was more celestial and enveloping. Eventually, very high above us, we could see the cause. Literally hundreds of migrating cranes, making their way to breeding grounds in the north, possibly Scandinavia, flying in loose “v” formations and chatting away to each other in their lovely mumbling manner.


  1. Love the crane description! Good luck with the greenhouse.

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