Posted by: kathandroger | March 2, 2013

Making mountains out of molehills

Mouldywarp the Mole. The name apparently means “soil tosser”, and we have loads of them in the field, tossing their little hills all over the place. The animals seem not to want to tread on them, and leave them in pristine shape for me to collect. Now I know they are often thought of as a pest, but to me they are lovely little things, who posses an extra thumb for digging, who are usually solitary, and are known as sows, boars and “labours” collectively. This time of year is a very exciting one for the little tossers, as mating takes place, but apparently it is all over in a few hours and then it’s back to the burrows for another twelve months. I suppose they can console themselves by eating their stores of worms which they apparently make when times are good.

Anyway I like the soil and have been collecting it in wheelbarrow loads to fill up the flower boxes and also to reseed a patch of lawn in the big garden. If I can keep the chickens, dog and kitten off that is! Thankyou my little furry friend, for giving me a mountain of soft soil.











  1. Bob Flowerdew would approve! P.

  2. Oh Roger I too love those little tossers ,aahhhh xxx

  3. If that’s a mole hill in the bottom photo you had better hope that you never meet the mole, Boo is looking a bit apprehensive , Den

  4. It doesn’t look like a little tosser at all.

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