Posted by: kathandroger | February 27, 2013

Becks and the long winter

Exactly a month ago I wrote about the spring-like weather and speculated as to whether winter was coming to an end. I was wrong! For a couple of weeks it rained constantly and for the past couple it has turned distinctly chilly. We were out on our bikes today on the usual Wednesday club ride and everything looked grey and sad. The temperature never got above 4 degrees. A couple of days ago we even had a light dusting of snow…











Things are, though, finally about to change. Evelyne on the tele has promised us mid-teens and sun next week; let’s hope she keeps her word!

Changing the subject just a little, France has gone Beckham mad. Ever since he signed for PSG about a month back he’s been headline news. He made his debut on Sunday from the bench and there was even a dedicated camera that followed him all game even though he wasn’t on the pitch. Must dash now, Becks is playing in the cup against Marseille… reckon I might have a case of Becks-fever myself (or is it just a good excuse not to have to endure Boro-Chelsea?!).

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