Posted by: kathandroger | February 16, 2013

wet, wet, wet…

If we Brits are supposed to be the weather-obsessed nation, the French aren’t far behind! The big topic of conversation here (and has been for some time) is the rain. This is our 4th winter here and we have never seen so much water everywhere. The drainage ditches everywhere are full to overflowing…


Someone told us yesterday that they’d measured almost 800 mm since October – I wouldn’t be surprised. Otherwise the winter has been relatively mild – only a handful of frosts have been had. There are signs of improvement this week – a few days of sunshine lie ahead…we hope!

The first of the flowers are making their appearance…


The daffodils are starting to form their buds and may make an appearance in a couple of weeks or so – then we’ll know spring really is on the way!

Better news to report of Dennis; after several days of not eating or drinking he is finally on the mend. Don’t know what he had, but it knocked him out for the best part of a week!


  1. Hi all – nice snowdrops!
    Do let Sandra and I know how we pay for the trog village membership – contact me on .
    Great to see the three of you yesterday,

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