Posted by: kathandroger | February 10, 2013

Le rugby ou le cheval

A morning at the market in Descartes, followed by the annual cycling club lunch at a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. “We’ll be able to chat about le rugby” we thought (mischievously). But all the french seemed to way to talk about was the horse meat scandal. They seemed quite perplexed that we should be so concerned about eating a bit of our equine friends. It is true that even here the consumption of horse is on the decline, but nonetheless it is readily available¬†(I have to confess that at market this morning I bought a couple of horse filet steaks from our local butcher who specialises in horse meat). As we were tucking into our veal I said that of course the Brits tend not to eat veal either. They thought I was joking at first, but on realising I wasn’t they seemed quite taken aback that we should be missing out on something so delicious. Et pas de foie gras…zut alors!!

Let’s hope that if France miraculously beat England in a fortnight our friends are as keen to talk about culinary delights…


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