Posted by: kathandroger | February 2, 2013

Crepe Day

No, this is not a post about the inclement meteorological conditions today (although that might be apt!). Today is the equivalent to British Pancake Day. The French do make crepes later in February for Mardi Gras too, but Le Chandeleur (Candlemas) is the traditional time. In fact February 2nd is a Catholic holiday, commemorating the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of the baby Jesus. I’m not entirely sure why that should lead to eating crepes, but it does and the day is alternatively called the ‘jour des crepes’.

The crepes don’t just serve to line the stomach, but to provide a few predictions. Seemingly it is traditional to hold a coin in your writing hand and flip the crepe with the other. If you catch the crepe in the pan you will be prosperous for the rest of the year (not sure what happens if you drop it?!). There are also wise words on the weather:

“Quand la Chandeleur est claire, l’hiver est par derriere; Chandeleur couverte quarante jours de perte”, or if the 2nd Feb is clear, winter is behind us whereas if it is overcast there’s another 40 days of winter to go. Oh dear, it’s been pretty miserable today! However, not all is lost, as it is also said that “Soleil de la Chandeleur, annonce hiver et malheur”, or a sunny 2/2 will bring winter and misfortune. We’ve avoided that one anyway!!




  1. You’ve had strange weather on your side of The River…
    We’ve had lovely sunny periods… and the day finished fine.
    But we’ve got a very wet meadow… a very, very, very wet meadow.

  2. We had sunny periods too, but interspersed by very frequent showers! Never seen the fields as wet – and the gulleys are almost overflowing. The Creuse this morning was as high as I’ve seen it in the 3 and a half years we’ve been here…

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