Posted by: kathandroger | February 1, 2013


It’s OK for some. While Kath has the pleasure of looking after the animals, dodging the rain and keeping the house comfortable, I have had to suffer the warmth and hospitality of foreign lands. The Penal Colony has changed somewhat over the past hundred years, and now Sydney is a bit like a giant tropical multicultural  Notting Hill, with an expanded Poole Harbour in its midst.

Last Saturday was Australia Day. The Aussies are a patriotic bunch and are given a long weekend each year to celebrate. We spent the day on the Harbour, along with several thousand other boats, visiting a couple of beaches, watching the decorated vessles, and narrowly missing the Tall Ship Race. We lunched at the Sydney Fish Market, pulling up in the boat and eating loads of varied seafood on board. Tough life.IMG_3230IMG_3244IMG_3259

Sydney, if I had to live in a city, is very attractive. I love the grassy suburbs with the gum and paperbark trees, the Kookaburras and the parrots, but was initially puzzled by the occasional piles of old furniture left outside of houses. This is the Aussi way of getting rid of unwanted clobber-just leave it outside, and someone else will come and pick it up for themselves! No need to raid the local skips, and provided the stuff is in reasonable order it will soon be gone to a new home. Another feature is not so suprising. I started fishing with my son in law in the harbour in darkness at about 5am one day and could here voices on the water. It was some local rowing teams getting in some pracitice before work, complete with lights on the canoes! And then at dawn we could see loads of joggers and exercise classes on the beaches. No wonder there are so many fit looking bodies around. On the water I was intrigued to see lots of paddleboarders. Basically you stand on a big surfboad with one long paddle and pull yourself over the water. It looks easy, and as I have a few old windsurfing boards at home I am going to give it a go on our local river!

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and despite  the pleasure of family, it’s nice to feel a need to get back to France, the cold long winter, the rain and snow, but mainly to a lovely wife, home, and wonderful friends.


  1. Sounds like you are having a tough time Rog ,you will be able to show us how to paddleboard down the Creuse in the summer .

    • Age is no bar to learning new skills, Den, but they all make it look so easy here. I shall have to practice in the swimming pool before taking to the river,and stage 2 will be adding the fly rod!

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