Posted by: kathandroger | January 28, 2013


As I write this post I have a funny feeling I may regret it! Today has been spring-like – blue skies, sunshine and fairly mild. Trees and bushes are starting to bud; I even pruned the vines this morning so they can be ready to burst into life. We’ve only had a smattering of cold days this winter so far, but I suppose we are only at the end of January. Last year this was when the intense cold began. The same thing had happened; mild up until then, plants were lulled into a false sense of security and some never recovered. No signs of that at the moment – more mild, but wet weather to come.

The garden is slowly coming back to life; we planted our garlic and broad beans in November and they are looking good and strong now…















This is the time of year when we feel very smug about our style of gardening – we have our vegetable beds in strips with grass in between, which the locals view as madness – but when the soil is wet here it is like glue and impossible to walk on.

Speaking of warmer weather, Roger has popped off to Australia for a couple of weeks, where it really is warm! I thought this was a good time to try to bond with Dennis. Boudie and I reckoned he would benefit from the female influence and we could teach him some manners and turn him into a nice little cat. Sadly, things are not going as well as we’d hoped….




  1. Bonsoir Kath,Les plantes sont tres tot, j’espere que les saints de glace ne vous visitent pas . Bonne chance .Sorry for the poor French ,and no accents on my keyboard .

    • Very impressed with the french Den! I suspect we’ll have a few St de Glace visits to come. At the moment warm and wet… Hope all’s well.

  2. Time to get out the fleece and have it ready to throw over the plants.
    We’ve already got somethings covered… and when the Outiror lorry hits GP on Thursday we’ll be buying a couple of fleece tunnels [2 for 20€]… they are five metrics long, so I’ll be cutting them in half… This year I am determined to try and keep what we have overwintered.

    As for Denis… that is a lovely picture!! I can hear him here saying… “Gaaaah!!”

    • Pauline reckons that there is something about Dennis in this picture that reminds her of Ozzy Osborne…

      • Strange you should say that, there’s some similarities in his character…

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