Posted by: kathandroger | January 21, 2013

Lesser of two evils

Poor old Boudie – things go from bad to worse. She managed to pull her dressings off today, and the next one and the next… Then she started licking her wounds and trying to pull out her stitches. Only one solution – a trip to the vets to pick up a ‘collar’ (aka lampshade). Not a happy dog. She bashed her head trying to jump in the car and then  flatly refused to get in until I removed said object. Here she is sporting strange green eyes…










I haven’t got the heart to subject her to that until she has her stitches out a week on Wednesday (and I feel guilty every time I look at her and laugh), so another option had to be found…















Altogether more stylish I feel. Time will tell if it works, but I think Boudie is seeing it as the lesser of two evils…


  1. Poor Boudie… I prefer the stylish version!
    She is an Airedale isn’t she… it’s those rather alien eyes that makes me ask!
    Or have you been giving her Olde Peculier?

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