Posted by: kathandroger | January 20, 2013

Patient on the mend

Poor old Boudie has been through the mill a bit over the past few weeks. Just before we headed to the UK for Christmas she had her annual check up at the vets who discovered a small lump on one of her mammaries. Nothing to worry about, said the vet, but pop back after Christmas and I’ll whip it out. A few days later Boudie went off her food – unheard of for our mut – and by the time she had gone off doing anything at all, it was time to go to the vets. We found a lovely vets in Windermere (were holidaying in the Lakes at the time) who diagnosed the poor old girl as having an infection of the womb which is a pretty serious condition and therefore it wasn’t surprising she was looking so rough. Lots of treatment later (including a day on a drip) and she was much better, but on our return to France the vet recommended the only solution was to whip out the offending uterus, as well as the little lump.

Friday was the big day and those big sad brown eyes said it all as we handed her over. But all went well, I’m pleased to report and by midday the vets sent through a picture of her just coming round…

photo 1













Not surprisingly she was a bit groggy when we got her home, but 48 hours in and she’s in fine form and seems to have forgotten the whole experience. If I ever have to have a hysterectomy, I’ll be delighted if I can run around like she can within a couple of days (though barking at the post lady might be a bit much !)


  1. Get really well Boudie!
    Don’t forget, you are currently in a position to get what you want…
    it may not last long!!

    • She believes she is always in a position to get what she wants….and she may be right?!

      • I thought that was Dennis the Mennis!!

  2. Oh poor Boudie! Take care of her – looking forward to seeing her in a few weeks.

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