Posted by: kathandroger | January 18, 2013

Naked chickens

Ever since we started keeping chickens, I’ve always found it strange that our girls seem to pick the coldest spell  of the winter to shed their feathers. It is perfectly understandable to have a break from laying, replenish their reserves and renew their plumage, but why wait until it is minus 5 degrees to do this to yourself…?


This is Smokey, who is normally a fine-looking chicken, but she certainly wouldn’t make the front cover of chicken fancier weekly at the moment. Today it has started snowing too, so the poor girl is going to be freezing. And of course they don’t have the sense to seek refuge in their nice new house, preferring to shiver outside.

I’ve been doing a bit of research into the matter and it would seem that some keepers of chickens provide their girls with a bit of help in these situations…

chicken jumpers

Now I reckon if the locals saw our girls dressed like that they would have their final confirmation that the English are slightly strange, if not completely bonkers…


  1. I think red, white and blue striped ones would look just fine… comme le cocorico!!

    • Les voisins would definitely think we’d gone mad…!

  2. OMG you have to make some for your girls ,they are fab..look forward to seeing the pics, Get the machine out Kath,they would take you 2 mins to run up, you might even find you get orders in from other Chickens…ha ha cluck cluck . xxx

    • In your dreams! Mind you, now you are retired, you’ll have a bit of time on your hands…. x

  3. send me the pattern and sizes ha ha

  4. It’s just occured to me that the “original” chickens were descended from Jungle Fowl…. I wonder if this moult period is ancestral?

  5. elles sont magnifiques <> ET Dennis a t il son pull over lui aussi. biz

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