Posted by: kathandroger | January 16, 2013

Design fault and cap eating cat.

I was proud of my new chicken house. It was well designed and built, easy to clean and easily movable. But the egg supply seemed to diminish soon after the chicks entered their new abode. The season for full egg production has passed, but it was strange that they seemed to have stopped laying completely. Today I found the reason. Bloody hound! She has always been a piggy, and just loves eggs, taking them gently and making a little hole in one side to suck out the contents. I thought I had made the entrance hole too small for her great bulk but she can manage to put one paw in and pull any eggs to her mouth! I am going to fix a barrier tomorrow.



Dennis has been up to his tricks again. We came home from swimming yesterday and hung our wet togs in front of the kitchen stove to dry.  Kath was less than pleased when the cat pulled her best swimming cap off the stand and began to eat it!! She now has a large hole to let out her silent cusses when she thinks of Dennis. He himself still thinks he is a dog, and has even started to lay on his back just like Boudie.IMG_2062

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