Posted by: kathandroger | January 13, 2013

More goat antics…

We generally don’t hear much from our neighbours at the bottom of the field. This week we’ve had 3 phone calls…most unusual. Dom called on Tuesday to say that he was looking out of his window and there were 2 goats looking at him, much like this…











…”We’ll be right there”, we replied and off we went to do a tour of the fence to see where they might be escaping. Roger found a roll of wire, made a few repairs…and we hoped!

On Friday…”Bonjour”, said a cheery Dom, “I can see your goats…”. “Really sorry,” I replied, “We’ll be right there”… Another tour of the wood; more patching. That evening I was walking Boudie from the other side of Dom’s house and could clearly see Tittie and Moins Dix on his side of the fence, munching away at the vegetation. Then I heard Roger call them and without much bother they both hopped over the fence. “Ah”, I thought, “Now I know where you are getting over, we’ll fettle you (as they say in Yorkshire)”. More repairs follow.

We we’re just finishing our lunch today and the phone rang. This time it was Dom’s son Tom. “Happy New Year” he said, practicing his English, before turning back to French to tell us our goats were chomping away at his grass! Quoi faire?








Well, more fence repairs was all we could think of. I’m not sure our deserting duo were very impressed…










I think I saw a little smirk on Moins Dix’s face as if to say “you think that’ll stop us?? Mais non!” 


  1. Kath… I think that expression in the last picture needs the sound of a “snigger” attached… that is certainly more than a smirk!!
    Perhaps you’ll need a 2mtr high deer fence [or should that read… dear!]

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