Posted by: kathandroger | January 8, 2013

Animal capers

Welcome to 2013!

What a pleasure it is not to have rain… The Lake District is very beautiful, but I’m not sure if I could cope with that amount of inclement weather. We’ve been back for 3 days now and our animals have settled back into normal life. Boudie’s been very ill, with an infection of the uterus, but I’m pleased to say she’s much better now. She was very pleased to be reunited with Dennis, her cat. We left Dennis to fend for himself a bit (fed and watered by neighbours, before we are reported to the RSPCA); he must realise he’s on to a good thing here as he was sitting waiting for us on our return. Reports suggest he has generally been good, though he did have to be rescued by neighbours from their tree! Here he is, pleased to be back on his favourite fleece…


The goats have been less well-behaved, it would seem. Tittie and Moins Dix have been having regular trips out to visit neighbours’ gardens. Fortunately the sheep can’t jump, so they’ve stayed behind! We are hoping to breed from our 2 ewes; now I’m not well versed in these matters, but to me the ram looks more pregnant than they do…Here they all are, pleased to have us back…


A big thanks for Sophie, Steve, Sara and Matthew for goat/sheep/cat sitting!

The chickens have returned from their holiday with friends in the village. Their new house is ready and waiting…only problem is that they wanted to return to the old one. Here is Roger starting to dismantle it whilst they look on. Even having completely removed it, 3 out of the 4 settled down for the night on the patch of ground it once occupied!


Meanwhile, the goldfish have been impeccably behaved….


  1. You must have had the “sky-hook” attached to the back of the car…
    you seem to have brought the wet back with you!!

    Our thoughts are with Boudie, poor gal!!
    Still a dose of Dennis will probably work wonders.

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