Posted by: kathandroger | December 21, 2012

Roundabouts and rusty hinges.

When we go cycling with the club on Wednesdays, we meet in the centre of Dange St Romain. To get there, Kath and I pass a roundabout in the residential area of the town. It has been a joke between us over how long it would take to complete the refurbishment which had begun over a year ago. A couple of months ago the task was finally finished…and we are amazed. Instead of just a circle of grass, or a simple garden, a work of art has been engineered, transforming an uninteresting little corner into a thing of beauty.

Note the little shed, the water pump, chair and old bicycle, all newly painted in complementary colours. There are also some grape vines and decorative plants. We must write to congratulate the council, but I just wonder how long all this equipment would last in the UK. In my pretty little village in Dorset a neighbour had all her swinging baskets half inched within a day of putting them up!





We have been doing less manual work this year, apart from the garden, shifting logs and leaves, but are trying to increase our exercise in other ways. We have started swimming again in the lovely pool at Chatellerault, and are still cycling twice a week. And it is essential! Just like the old rusty hinges I try to fix in the workshop, the old joints are showing the same failings. But nature  is a wonderful thing, and although I can’t get any WD40 into the knees, after a few hours on the bike I feel like a new man.(Kath seems to say that a lot recently as well!!) So for 2013 it is exercise exercise exercise or fall into the rusty tools box.



  1. French roundabouts really are a feature, aren’t they? We marvel at them on our travels across the country. I think the Herbert who half-inched your neighbour’s hanging baskets walked the two miles to our village to pinch my solar lights!!

  2. Happy Mew Year to Boudie and Denis from Baron and RonRon…
    Happy New Year to you two, from us too!
    May this year be ‘Appy, ‘Ealthy, and Prosperous.

  3. meilleurs voeux pour 2013

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