Posted by: kathandroger | December 19, 2012

Roger’s cat

I’ve always felt Boudie is a bit of a disappointment to Roger. When he tries to fight with her she hides under the table; on a Sunday morning when the hunters are out, this supposedly tough hunting dog takes refuge under our bed; it has taken her 7 and a half years to catch her first rat….

Dennis, on the other hand, is everything he’s always wanted. His proves his hunting abilities every day, he fights like a tiger, he adores Roger (the feeling is mutual). Roger is constantly telling me what a clever cat he is, but I think even he was surprised today when we realised that the ‘tinkling’ in the toilet was actually Dennis sitting on the loo having a pee! As he follows his master everywhere I can only imagine he has observed him and was copying him. I now realise why he perched over the waste paper basket (wicker) the other day and committed the same act. One question remains though, what action has inspired him to poo four times in the corner of the living room??


  1. What a clever moggie… have you tried putting a litter tray in that corner?
    The proceedure then is to transfer… slowly… it to the loo area.
    I use the pelleted firewood and some of my chain-saw-dust as a litter… the cats seem to like it a lot… even Jerry now goes upstairs to the bathroom… and this from a “feral” [not] cat!
    Then all you need to do is reward him handsomely if he uses the loo for solids as well… then all you’ll need to do is flush!!

    • Re-reading this post, I’ve realised that you are missing an important point about cats vs dogs… Roger is not the master… Dennis is… we are merely Staff! The problem is that Dennis hasn’t found out how to control you yet… but knows every button to press to get Roger to bend to his will!!

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