Posted by: kathandroger | December 7, 2012

Bilan de Sante

Health checks. I have just had my second free check in France. Very thorough, with eyes, ears, teeth, blood,  ECG, lots of poking about and a digit into every orifice. We are given two appointments at a specially designed building in Poitiers, the first conducted by various nurses and the second two weeks later with a doctor who by then has access to all the results. We have to have starved before the bloods are taken, but no problem because a breakfast is provided after the trauma is finished. The whole procedure is conducted with great efficiency, and the patient is provided with all the results in a document to be kept personally at home. In fact in France all medical documents are the property of the patient, to be presented to others when required. In the UK a check like this is only done privately and at huge cost; a pity because I am sure the preventative effect more than outweighs the sum required.

I am pleased to say that although a bit more deaf, more blind, with a slightly raised cholesterol, the old boy is not in bad overall condition. Must cut down on all that lovely cheese and drink more wine!

The centre deals almost exclusively with the French, and English is not widely spoken. This was bemoaned at our first visit a couple of years ago by a rather obnoxious Yorkshireman who went on about “these bloody frenchies not speaking our lingo”, and explaining that normally it wasn’t necessary to talk French as he just had to point to things in the shops, and he had managed like that for five years! He also told us that he left the UK because the country was” going to the dogs”, and that it was “full of bloody foreigners”! This year I was amused to hear another English voice being interviewed in an adjoining room. A rather posh and loud lady who was shouting that she “only takes the pills in the mornings” at incrementally increasing volume so that the poor French doctor would understand her English! Now my French is still pretty poor, but I can at least make myself understood. Why is it that lots of us seem to think that all the rest should speak our language?



  1. 1. you need another category here – booze.

    2. Glad to hear you are still hale and hearty. I thought the best way to reduce cholesterol was to drink more red wine – just think of all that resveratrol – the best anti-oxidant on the market and prolongs an active life (or was that Pal for dogs, I forget).
    Hope to see you on Jan 4th, have a great Christmas and bon voyage.

    • Thanks for your suggestions….I shall modify his diet accordingly!!!
      (Boudie is a ‘Pedigree’ girl…will give that a miss I think).
      a bientot and bonnes fetes!

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