Posted by: kathandroger | December 4, 2012

Praying Mantis

Dennis has learnt how to catch things. We have had a succession of mice, voles, birds and spiders presented to us recently, but I was a little surprised when he found this in the vegetable garden yesterday.








No, only joking, what he really found was a little smaller and less attractive.







I have been reading about these little chaps recently and how interesting they are! There are lots of types all over the world, the males fly at night and can detect bats radar. When the “bleep bleep” of an attacking bat is heard they do a sudden descending manoeuvre, and evade capture on the ground. In France they are said to point a child to the correct way home, and this female, with her wings flapping, is obviously telling me to find my way home-or words to that effect! Anyway all the fuss about the females eating the males during mating seems to be a bit of a fib. Apparently they only do it for show, in artificial conditions, and in the wild courtship is elaborate and romantic, and followed by a couple of fags-no lying again, but head biting off is rare. This lady probably won’t last the winter, which is a shame as they are great pest controllers in the garden, but hopefully she will have laid her eggs and we will have lots of little bug eaters for next spring.


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