Posted by: kathandroger | December 1, 2012

Boudie’s first rat!!

I take back everything I wrote yesterday. She is not a duffer after all. Boudie, age 7 and 3/4, caught her first ever rat today. After another full mornings excavation she had uncovered a network of rat tunnels and holes and sat patiently in wait. Eventually an unsuspecting rodent pop up its head and she had it! She didn’t even return for the end of the baguette – her usual lunchtime treat – so we realised something important was happening. We went to have a look in eager anticipation and there she was with the poor bedraggled creature between her paws. She hadn’t killed it, but was having fun tossing it up in the air. We’re so proud….


  1. Good girl! That’s a terrier for you.

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