Posted by: kathandroger | November 30, 2012

Bottoms up!

Boudie is an Airdale terrier and as such is supposed to be a hunting dog. A fearless hunter in fact. Well we got the duffer I’m afraid. In the nearly 4 years we’ve had her she has never caught a thing. She tries hard, can bark as well as any dog, but the results are less than good. Nonetheless, you have to give her marks for enthusiasm…











She spent most of the afternoon with her rear in the air digging a huge hole. Not only that, but she pulled out most of the logs Roger had stacked neatly against the wall on the trail of some imaginary scent. All to no avail, as usual, I’m afraid. Her she is, not looking her best!










Meanwhile, we’re onto another mini project – creating a boules and table tennis area. We’ve ‘reclaimed’ a piece of land that had become completely overgrown and as it benefits from the shade of a large walnut tree in the summer it will be the perfect area – once it is leveled – for games…










I have to say that whilst the building project we did last year was very satisfying, it was pretty relentless and we are enjoying doing lots of smaller different projects this year.

If you happened read my post of last weekend about the UMP, the right wing party here in France, then there is more! It has become a complete farce and is almost unbelievable. Alain Juppe was invited to mediate and find a resolution, but threw in the sponge (it is a sponge in France rather than a towel) on Sunday, saying the situation was hopeless. Cope refused to budge. So on Monday it was Sarko to the rescue. He proposed a vote to see if they should have another vote! On Tuesday Fillon set up a separate faction within the UMP as a rival to the Cope camp. On Wednesday Cope refused to accept the terms of the ‘vote for a vote’ proposal…et voila! We are still at an impasse. Who know what will happen next!


  1. Digging a large hole… sneering like that…. where’s Dennis?

  2. If only…

  3. James Thurber wrote a short story called “The dog that bit people”. That was an Airedale. I’m sure Boudie doesn’t do that!

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