Posted by: kathandroger | November 28, 2012

The Electrician.

Bugger, the light has gone in the Chaufferie (our back kitchen which contains the heating boiler). And it’s one of those long life jobs which are energy efficient and we should all be using despite the huge purchase price. The one outside also died a few weeks ago, so it’s lucky we have lots of old fashioned spares from the gites. I’ll just change the bulb. Oh no, that one’s no good either, better test it in another socket….it works. No doubt about it, the wiring must be dodgy; we had the same problem a couple of years ago and I fixed it then. Now let’s test the switch first… looks OK, it must be that junction box up in the roof. Now the problem is that there is no access to the roof other than by dismantling some wooden slats in the back garden. This was duly done after much huffing and puffing, and I had enough room to ease my lithe body amongst the filthy bat dropping laden rafters. Inch by inch, in darkness, I bumped and groaned my way to the offending box, occasionally bashing my head on unseen timber. The torch, needless to say, needed new batteries, but by a combination of cussing and prising, the cover to the box was removed to reveal complete normality of wires! Poo. Better make sure all the contacts are good though, so I spent several dimly lit, clumsy minutes, attempting to fit bare wires into little invisible holes with the torch falling over and my bum aching on the thin rafters. Not a happy bricoleur. Eventually all was done, a retreat rearwards was made, the defect in the roof repaired, and I returned to welcoming daylight. Guess what? Yes, the bloody light still didn’t work. Cuss cuss cuss and more cusses. My old car is in the ajoining garage, maybe I’ll go and see if I can get that going instead. But wait a minute, what’s this switch by the garage door?

The light now works! The real problem is that I think I made the same mistake two years ago. Where are those Alzheimer’s pills?


  1. I think that either you start using “Post-It” notes on things… or perhaps invest in some “Proximity” switches like they seem to have in a lot of public toilets around here.
    That said, there are problems with the latter… I remember using some Council offices where all the room and corridoor lights were controlled this way… if the conversation fell below a certain level, when you were seated round the table and not moving… quite often the case with serious committee discussions… the lights went out! A brisk round of clapping or the yelling of “LIGHTS” used to work…. most times! Other times you had to do that and wave your arms as well!!
    Still, it livened up committee meetings sometimes.
    Nah! Most times, really!
    You don’t need pills, you need English beer…. Descartes has Spitfire on the shelves in one of them!!

  2. Another delightful story! It makes me realise that it isn’t just me… by the way, Tesco do a nifty line in “headlights” ( a torch on a headband) for about a tenner – perhaps you should invest in one for those excursions to the batcave?

    • Hi Tim, good to hear from you. Yes I have a head torch but forgot where it was!!
      Do come and visit next year if you fancy seeing our set up-staying with us in the house of course.
      Regards, Roger.

      • Ah… forgot where it was… put it a ‘safe’ place, no doubt… forget the English beer… you need intravenous whisky!
        Preferably some Talisker as the iodine will work wonders.

      • Thank you Roger, we would love to see your set up sometime next year, if we can fit a visit in – Jane is dying to meet Dennis!


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