Posted by: kathandroger | November 20, 2012

French pandas

I’ve been nagging the ol’ fella about going to the zoo for a while now…and this week he finally ran out of excuses! Our local zoo has a couple of pandas on loan from China (not quite the cost of a PSG footballer, but not far off!) and as there aren’t too many opportunities to see one live I fancied a trip. Now November is definitely a good time to go to the zoo; a handful of small children and a few oldies like us, a lovely sunny day and beautiful autumn colours. The ol’ fella was happy.

The panda enclosure was something else! Let’s hope Francois Hollande doesn’t fall out with the new Chinese leader as I reckon the pay back might be quite a few years. There are pagodas, ming vases, statues – and a huge enclosure for the 2 fluffy ‘locataires‘ – the whole thing is really well done. And loads of panda info of course too. I learned that a panda is a hugely inefficient eater and had to eat for up to 14 hours a day to get the required amount of energy from its bamboo. So this afternoon Huan Huan and Yuan Zi must have been exhausted from eating as they didn’t seem interested in doing much at all. (They do have a Twitter account, but haven’t tweeted since February!). Moreover, they didn’t even pose for the cameras today in good light! Here is one of them, though I’m not sure which…








This panda was much more lively and obliging…












The pandas aside, the rest of the zoo was really very impressive. It is excellently laid out with clear explanations (amazingly for France most are even in English too!). Lunch was very passable as well! We were both agreed that the gorillas and chimps were our favourites…











…although I always have a bit of a soft spot for the meerkats…











All in all, a grand day out!


  1. Simples… it’s the meerkats!
    Then that strange primate that resembles a panda… confusing…
    But Pandas? Haven’t tweeted since February? On a diet of bamboo… I think not!

  2. We’re still negotiating a mortgage for the admission price to Beauval! Pauline

    • I know it sounds a lot at first (24 Euros), but we both agreed that we had very good value for money. We spent almost 5 hours there – there’s loads to see – and it is extremely well documented. 20 quid for 5 hours? Better value than watching Arsenal that’s for sure!

  3. you are beautiful in a panda

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