Posted by: kathandroger | November 16, 2012

Jumping goats

When we first got our goats, about 18 months ago, everyone told us goats were a bit of a nightmare as they escaped all the time and ate all in their paths. During the first week they were with us this turned out to be absolutely the reality as each morning they ventured over the neighbours’ field and onto their patio for breakfast, and then again for lunch. Several times a local farmer brought them back having found them on the road. But a week or so in and they settled down. We thought it must have been because we’d plugged all the gaps in the fence.

Now our 2 goats are of differing physiques…








Tittie (on the left) is an elegant, leggy female and Moins Dix a short, stocky, fairly unathletic male. Our field is fenced all the way round, so I was somewhat surprised to catch sight of Moins Dix on the other side of the fence in the neighbour’s garden doing a bit of tidying up a couple of weeks ago. As soon as he spotted me, though, he knew he shouldn’t be there and hopped back over the fence (which is almost twice his height) as though it wasn’t there! Over the past couple of weeks this has become a regular pattern, but he clearly knows he is in the wrong as whenever he is spotted he returns home instantly. I reckon we might have to rename him Zebedee!

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