Posted by: kathandroger | November 12, 2012

Well Well.

Having finished all our main building works, I am now having fun doing all the little jobs I have been meaning to do over the past three years. We have an old well at the corner of the larger gite which has been covered by a great slab of concrete for many years, but Mme Travaillon, the old owner, remembers drawing all the water for the house from it many years ago. What a slog that must have been, hauling up all those buckets and then carrying them over the courtyard into the kitchen. And she still looks as fit as a flea!

After much grunting and groaning I managed to lever up the concrete slab to reveal the source of all her labours. Still in good nick, but spoiled a bit my a new plastic pipe which relayed the new water supply from the new well (in the cellar) to the old barn. Never mind, it still looks good, and with some nice looking water clearly visible. The walls of the barn had been refurbished, so all that remained was to make a grill to stop people falling in! It is only about 5m deep, but that is a bit too much for a midnight dip. I love welding. All those sparks and red hot metal, real boys’ games stuff, and after several hours of inexpert efforts the grill was fashioned. All that remains is for it to be cemented in. Kath has promised that she will not drop Dennis down it unless he breaks another bit of china!


  1. Now all you need is a 2″ thick slab of glass so that people can stand on it… and make a wish…. or perhaps… lower a nice stainless steel sieve below the surface… make it easier to collect the ‘tips’ that people leave while wishing for good weather.

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